How To Find the Best Hat for You

You can find a hat that works for you, as long as you follow these guidelines.

Photo: Shutterstock

Hats for women are pretty hot right now. You can see celebrities wearing everything from trucker hats to fancy fedoras. But some women have a really hard time finding a hat that works for them, so they abandon the hat idea altogether.

But fear not: there’s a hat out there for every woman, and here are some tips to find a hat that’s not only stylish, but that looks good on you as well.

Get the right size

A lot of hats will look bad because they’re the wrong size. If they’re too small, they’ll rest too high on your head and will make your face look funny even if they’re the right size. Not only that, but they’ll be uncomfortable as well. A hat that’s too big will sit too low and, again, will not frame your face properly.

Get the right colors for your skin tone

Everyone’s skin has warm or cool tones. If you don’t know whether you’re warm- or cool-toned, read this quick questionnaire. If you have a cool coloring, you’ll look best in neutrals like black, dark navy, sand, grays and soft whites. If your coloring tends to the warm, try neutrals like brown, beige, camel, and olive green.

Get the right hat for your face shape

It’s as true for hats as it is for eyeglasses and haircuts: if you work with your face shape, you’ll get a fashion accessory that will be flattering and comfortable. This is the tip that many beauty sites say is the single most important factor in getting a hat that looks good on you, so I’ll devote the rest of this post to face shape-flattering hats.

Hats for round faces

When your face is round, you’re going to want to create length. Medium- to long-brim fedoras, porkpies, and trilby style hats will look best on you. Avoid cloches or any other style low to the head and rounded because it’ll bring out the roundness in your face.

Hats for oval faces

If you’re lucky enough to have an oval face, you can pull off pretty much any style. Why not go for something extra-cool or fashion forward. You could even pull off retro styles like cloches.

Hats for oblong faces

The best hats for an oblong face shape will have some width and a shorter crown. Cloches, berets, or bucket-style hats would work best for you.

Hats for square faces

You’ll want to get a hat with a rounder shape in order to balance your square jaw. Floppy hats, cloches, and bowler hats will do the trick for you.

Hats for heart-shaped faces

Since heart-shaped faces tend to be much wider at the forehead that at the jaw, you’ll want to pick a hat style that slims your forehead. Brimmed hats would work best for you, but try several styles of brimmed hats to find the right length and brim width for you.

What’s your favorite hat style? Sound off in the comments!

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