Vintage Fashion, High Technology: Pinup Girl Invests in Mi9 E-commerce Suite

Web retailer Pinup Girl has chosen Mi9 Retail to provide its website's shopping cart and other functionality that will streamline all aspects of their business.

Pinup Girl may be retro in the world of fashion, but it certainly isn’t when it comes to tech. Photo: Shutterstock

WordPress and WooCommerce, Drupal and Ubercart, Joomla and MijoShop, Magneto and AjaxCart: every content management system (CMS) offers at least one shopping cart plugin. But some work better than others. One online retailer recently discovered that a dedicated shop management system would be more helpful to them than any standard content management system/shopping cart combination.

Vintage-inspired fashion company Pinup Girl Clothing started in 1996 as a rack of hand-sewn clothing in Laura Byrnes’ living room and moved into e-commerce in 1999. The company was using an outdated CMS and relied heavily on multiple e-commerce providers that didn’t necessarily work well together. The company’s leadership was understandably concerned about peak traffic performance because a content management system running too many plugins or modules can greatly reduce a site’s speed and responsiveness, thereby alienating potential buyers.

Faced with the cost and complexity required to upgrade its legacy Magneto content management system, Pinup Girl began looking for other solutions.

They landed on Mi9 Retail, an omni-channel commerce solution that provides not just a good online shopping experience, but integrates merchandise management, digital commerce, and even retail store operations into one system.

It’s not surprising that Mi9 was Pinup Girl’s software of choice. The company has created cost-effective, scalable platforms for many clothing retailers including Tory Burch, Levis, Eileen Fisher, and Talbots.

Mi9 also boasts a board of heavy-hitters including Alex Crisses of private equity firm General Atlantic, James Zubok of Respida Capital, and Neil Moses, CEO of Mi9, who keeps the company on track.

Pinup Girl chose Mi9 Retail for its user-friendly interface, advanced feature set, and cost-effective solution.

“We were impressed with the Mi9 e-commerce ability to consolidate numerous third-party systems into one united platform,” said Byrnes, CEO of Pinup Girl Clothing. She praised the application’s ability to incorporate innovative features like drag-and-drop merchandising and to showcase the brand without increasing development costs.

Pinup Girl Co-owner John Flores added, “When we considered the value we’ll be getting for our investment in Mi9 e-commerce, the decision to switch was a no-brainer. We will end up with a system that actually works, and we’ll save money compared to what it costs to run a Magneto site.”

To check out some of Pinup Girl Clothing’s amazing selection of retro clothing, shoes, and accessories, visit their website.

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