Athleisure Makes it Big on Wall Street

Last year U.S. consumers spent nearly $2 billion on active wear, sports shows, and gym bags. This trend is building muscle and attracting big investors. When a pair of leggings selling for $400 can be worn to the gym or to brunch with a blazer you know there’s an opportunity for profit. Lululemon and Nike […]

Tory Burch

Could Tory Burch Sport be Finally Coming?

The much-anticipated Tory Burch Sport collection looks like it is finally coming! According to some industry insiders, fashion designer Tory Burch’s eagerly awaited answer to yoga, tennis, golf, and running apparel may be hitting stores in the very near future. After having previously announcing they would release Tory Sport in 2015, it appears that Tory […]

Modcloth Celebrates its Foray into Plus Size Fashion by Completely Transforming the Market

Just over a year ago, online fashion retailer Modcloth decided it was time to revamp its plus size garment offerings. In an industry dominated by unrealistic beauty standards, fat shaming, and miniscule fashion options for women larger than a size 12, Modcloth has clearly managed to stand out from the pack. Now, the company is […]

What to Wear for an Interview in the Fashion Industry

If you’re like me, you have your go-to outfit on standby for interviews, networking events, and any occasion where you’re required to dress like the professional young adult that you are. But what if you decide to take a risk and try to break into the fashion industry, where you’ll be assessed by the most […]

Your Summertime Fashion Must-Haves

As the weather continues to warm up, don’t let summer arrive without stocking up on all of this season’s fashion staples. You probably have your go-to summer dresses and shoes tucked away somewhere. By adding just a few more pieces to your wardrobe, your style will feel just as revitalized as you do during this […]

oscar de la renta awards

Oscar de la Renta Honored with Medal of Excellence

Late last month, fashion icon Oscar de la Renta was presented with Carnegie Hall’s Medal of Excellence, an honor bestowed annually. Hundreds of friends, admirers, and some of fashion’s biggest names surrounded the designer, who is known for his bold, couture designs, and bold, no-holds-bar personality. The Medal of Excellence Gala was an event designed […]

Gift Ideas for Your Special Someone, for the Holiday We Cannot Escape

Valentine’s Day is that one holiday that no one can really escape from. Commercials tell us how, where, and why we should be overreacting to Valentine’s Day, and aisles of your local supermarket or drug store are drenched in pink hearts and roses. If you’re single, you might find yourself feeling unwillingly sorry for yourself, […]