An excerpt from the beauty and fashion photography satire SPOOF.

Why Don’t Beauty Ads Reflect Real People?

A lot of the time, it feels like beauty advertisements are made by beautiful women for average women, as if an average woman can be nothing but a consumer. French stylist and photographer Nathalie Croquet recently put herself in front of a camera to spoof 11 advertisements from high-end beauty companies from Givenchy to Lancôme. […]

Tintype photography portrait of unnamed male African American skateboarder with a beard and dreadlocks by artist Melissa Cacciola.

Tintype Photography Reveals Skateboard Style and Culture

When we think of tintype photography, we think of the edge-fading photographs of Abraham Lincoln or the silvery luminous images of Civil War soldiers. It’s a relic of the 19th century. Tintype photography is an early photographic process where the image is formed onto metal plates treated with silver nitrate, ether, cyanide, and other chemicals […]