You don't have to put a halt to your shopping—just shop smart. Thrift and consignment stores help save not only money, but the environment too.

Fashion Industry Taking Steps to be Less Wasteful

The fashion industry is notoriously wasteful. Every year, thousands of pounds of unused or un-purchased textiles and accessories are sent to landfills to make room for a new season of fashion choices. But it isn’t just large companies that are tossing clothes: people throw out things they don’t want or don’t wear, too—and on average, […]

In Defense of the “Canadian Tuxedo”

In the 1950s, Hollywood film stars like James Dean made wearing denim look impossibly cool. Major denim labels like Wrangler, Levi Strauss, and Lee gained immense popularity towards the end of late twentieth century with younger wearers and deeply impacted the fashion industry. Enter Brooke Shields’ infamous denim advertisement for Calvin Klein in 1980, and […]