M.I.A.’s Collaboration With Versace is Noisy, Brazen Fashion

Versace’s “Versus” collection is a decidedly more youthful, edgier departure from the iconic fashion label, something that has been solidified by its latest collaboration with rebellious musician M.I.A. A fashion icon in her own right, M.I.A. and house of haute couture Versace may at first glance seem an unlikely pair. The singer is known for […]

Gina Gershon to Portray One of Fashion’s Biggest Icons in New Film

Versace is a name that is synonymous with haute couture and high fashion in one of the most notoriously discerning industries. Every year, the prestigious House of Versace continues to deliver the most coveted and luxurious garments; the brand is known for being a pioneer in creating women’s fashion that incorporates glamour and sensuality. Fashion […]