The “Plus-Size” Label is Going Away

A few stores like online retailer ModcCoth and even J.C. Penney are beginning to do away with the “plus-size” labels on the clothing they sell. ModCloth announced recently that it’s going to do away with the label in a bid to promote more inclusivity on the site. Soon, customers will be able to find all […]

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Online Retailers Improve the Shopping Experience

Just about everyone shops online nowadays, which means that companies are working overtime to make sure that their online stores are looking just as polished as if you walked into a brick-and-mortar version. The thing about shopping online is that unlike in a store, you can just leave for a better website at the click […]

Modcloth Celebrates its Foray into Plus Size Fashion by Completely Transforming the Market

Just over a year ago, online fashion retailer Modcloth decided it was time to revamp its plus size garment offerings. In an industry dominated by unrealistic beauty standards, fat shaming, and miniscule fashion options for women larger than a size 12, Modcloth has clearly managed to stand out from the pack. Now, the company is […]