The “Plus-Size” Label is Going Away

A few stores like online retailer ModcCoth and even J.C. Penney are beginning to do away with the “plus-size” labels on the clothing they sell. ModCloth announced recently that it’s going to do away with the label in a bid to promote more inclusivity on the site. Soon, customers will be able to find all […]

Mainstream Lingerie Lacks Options for the “Average” Woman

“Life,” muses Chrystal Bougon, owner of Curvy Girl Lingerie, “is too short for ugly underwear.” And she should know: the shop owner has a background in the adult toy business, and at a clothing size of 22, knows a thing or two about trying to navigate the lingerie industry’s minimal selection of under things for […]

Body-Positive Jennie Runk is the Newest Role Model in Fashion

Since the arrival of H&M’s summer swimwear campaign, model Jennie Runk has been catapulted into the public spotlight. Sure, the bathing suits are pretty, and the photographs beautifully capture the scenic ocean backdrop, but the reason this campaign is gaining so much attention is because of Runk’s “plus-size” figure. Fashion campaigns featuring women with larger […]