What is the Body Positivity Movement?

The media, fashion, tabloids, advertising and a variety of other industries all pressure people, particularly women, into believing that they need to look a certain way. Everyone needs to be petite, with just the right amount of muscle to fit into and be flattered by the latest fashion trends. You’d better not look too old, […]

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20 Life Lessons I’m Thankful For

In your twenties, you learn a lot about yourself in relation to the world around you. For me, my outlook on many things is challenged and constantly changing; the lessons I’ve learned have all led to my personal growth. In honor of Thanksgiving this week, here are 20 life lessons I’m thankful for: Caffeine is […]

Look Good Feel Better

In a PSA for the “Look Good Feel Better” program, brave cancer survivors explained how cancer may not have taken their lives, but during treatment it took their… sense of humor hair and eyelashes, identity, personality optimism smooth olive skin, and confidence. Confidence was the hardest loss for many of these women, who describe how […]

Model Alliance Seeks to Change the Dark Culture of the Fashion Industry

The fashion industry, as we know, can be a cutthroat, unhealthy, and even dangerous industry for young women and girls. Models from all around the world strive to book clothing campaigns, to walk in fashion shows and be photographed wearing garments from the world’s most renowned designers, often at a cost to their health and […]

“The Myth of the ‘Bikini Body’”

Countless tabloids, glossy magazines, and fitness publications boasting sprawling headlines about this summer’s BEST BIKINI BODIES beg the question: What is a ‘bikini body’? Do I have one? Do you? A ‘bikini body’, that is. Most of us don’t look like any of the photographs of glamorous six-foot-tall celebrities walking on beaches wearing itty bitty […]