BLACK Fills A Warehouse With Art and Music

BLACK promises to be a combination art exhibit, rave, and immersive experience. Photo by Radyukov Dima /

BLACK promises to be a combination art exhibit, rave, and immersive experience. Photo by Radyukov Dima /

On Saturday, April 8, an immense warehouse in Sunset Park will vibrate with music and light, an immense interdisciplinary endeavor combining performance and art installations. The event is to be named BLACK.

According to their website, “BLACK is an environment, both experiential and digital, where collaborations can come to life and be explored by enthusiasts around the world.” A transcendental experience in two acts.

Live performances will include rapper Tommy Genesis, DJs Max Cooper, Midland, and Tale of Us, and the British grime act Trim. They will keep the crowd high energy and flowing, providing an ever-shifting sensory environment in which to appreciate the rest of the art.

The visual and installed art will be from PEANA, an exhibition platform dedicated to art from Latin America, both today and historically. Most of the selections from PEANA are interactive, such as a 120-foot-long tunnel of lasers titled “Immaru.” “White Lab,” an audiovisual installation by Coco Lab, will entertain during the show’s 30-minute admission. “ROUNDABOUT2” will let viewers “paint” by burning out in circles on a pair motorcycles tied into one another’s orbit. More art will be on display on the stages during each performance.

The party environment will be intense and thickly populated, a shared human experience of art, sound, community, and stimulation. Participants should prepare for a marathon of music, light, and input that will fill the entire 13,000-square-foot warehouse.

This is not the first incarnation of BLACK. Previous instances of the party have happened in New York City as well as Mexico City. The April 8 instance will occur at 263 Prospect Avenue in Brooklyn. Please find your tickets here. BLACK is a collaboration between PEANA and Matte Projects, with support from Sapporo and VivaXXXII.

Galleries of previous BLACKs can be explored on their website, alongside a reel of audiovisual installations.

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