Short and Sweet: The Return of the Pixie Cut

Recently, it seems as though every time you turn around a new celebrity has chopped their locks in favor of a bold cropped ‘do. For anyone who has every cut off a significant length of hair, it can feel like the scariest kind of transformation. You might feel like a piece of you has literally […]

Lisa Katnic: Innovative Stylist or Fashion’s Black Sheep?

At this point, anyone who pays even the least amount of attention to pop culture news is likely to be familiar with Miley Cyrus in all her twerking glory. The singer has earned tons of infamy in her post-Disney days, mot recently for her performance at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards. Her dance moves? […]

Best Coast on Dad Rock

One of my favorite bands Best Coast (of Mexican Summer records) show us some of their favorite Dad records! Bethany Consentino and Bobb Bruno show the records that have influenced their music at CO-OP 87 record store in Brooklyn, NY. They refer to the bands that their dad’s listened to as “Dad Rock. ” The […]