Party Pointers from a Fabulous New York City Hostess

There’s no right or wrong way to plan a gathering at your home, but it never hurts to get tips from a seasoned party hostess, right? Lauren Santo Domingo is known for her chic sensibility, whether it’s in fashion, home décor, and of course, fabulous event planning. New York City’s Queen Bee has bona fide trendsetting chops thanks to her online designer boutique Moda Operandi, as well as her work with Vogue Magazine, the latter of which recently chatted with Santo Domingo about her top party-planning tips.

Lauren and her husband, Andres Santo Domingo, are known for hosting some of New York’s most anticipated social events, such as their annual “decadent badminton tournament, complete with the classic garden décor and guests clad in whimsical prints,” gushes Vogue. Even if decadence and badminton are two things you can’t even begin to visualize harmoniously, Santo Domingo’s quipping, smart, and trendsetting tips are great for any hostess to keep in mind on any budget.Screen shot 2556-08-01 at 14.08.20

Here are some of hostess extraordinaire Lauren Santo Domingo’s best party pointers:

“Don’t do buffets for dinner,” she says. “Standing in line for food reminds me of a prison-not that I’ve actually ever been!” Instead, Santo Domingo suggests seating your guests and serving them meals; she doesn’t like seeing her guests wait in a single file line, and also doesn’t want them to be left to their own devices when finding a place to sit.

Another pointer she gives for throwing a dinner party is not to clear the table if you’re hosting. “The moment a hostess gets up to clean, the party is essentially over,” she explains. Enjoy the time you have with your guests, and worry about cleaning up when the party is over.

Another tip she has for hostesses is to relax, and don’t have too many rules for your guests. You’re supposed to be having fun too, so “Allow people to wear their shoes – and trust them to drink red wine and not spill on the furniture,” she says. Hovering over guests will only prove stressful, so mingle about in your flats or slippers (which Santo Domingo gives her seal of approval for hosting parties in), and enjoy yourself!

Screen shot 2556-08-01 at 14.47.42“I am not a hostess in the traditional sense. If guests want to wear jeans, drink too much, smoke too much, or argue about politics and religion, I am absolutely delighted!” Santo Domingo explained in a recent article. It seems like the fabulous hostess not only knows how to throw a good party, but to have a good time at them too.

For more of Lauren Santo Domingo’s party hosting pointers, read all of her advice at Vogue Online.

Images: theLSD via Instagram

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